Sex-enthusiast Rabbit Beware of Turning into a Once-in-a-Season Red Fox

Are you taking your sexual life for granted? Remember, it is not as steadfast as the sun. If you are a rabbit today …enthusiastic and frequent in sex, you may not remain the same after few years, you may turn into a red fox, which involves into sex only once during the breeding season. Ohm! How awful it sounds!

As years go by, men’s sexual desire fades, but truly, there is no biological reason behind why men cannot carry good amount of libido till retirement. As per David Rowland, sex expert and professor of psychology at Valparaiso University, the idea that men’s sexual drive decreases with age is a myth. Of course the sexual desire can be affected by physical problems, mental stress or a troubled relationship. According to a research by the late Julian Davidson of Stanford University, a properly prepared libido can even survive a blackout of testosterone, the male hormone that helps energize sex drive. Researches show that about one-third of men with extremely low testosterone levels still had frequent, satisfying sex.

The mantra of good sex is a healthy body and normal sex drive in a man. If diseases like diabetes, hypertension, heart problems, are present, in spite of having high libido, a man may not get an erection strong enough for an intercourse. This condition is called erectile dysfunction. There are medicines like Levitra which can handle the situation efficiently and offer strong erection. But what if a man does not feel like having sex? This is a real concern, and needs to be addressed properly.

It is said that everything lies in the mind and it is a proven fact in sexual life; as Jim Pfaus, a professor of psychology and neuroscience at Concordia University in Montreal who studies the biology of libido, states that frequent and stimulating sex prepares the brain to want more sex later in life.

To enjoy sexual life, one does not have to change partners; he just needs to change the boring schedule of sex. Change time and space of sex, be innovative and find out different time and places for sex, it may be 7 am in the morning under the shower.

Heart-pounding exercises are said to have good impact on libido and sexual power, because this type of exercise increases blood flow in the body and it makes sexual arousal an easy affair. Regular light exercises can strengthen the heart and lung and control obesity which has the potential of misbalancing the sex hormones. Again stress is another enemy of our sex drive, so, do breathing exercises and try relaxation techniques as stress busters.

While these tips help you maintain your libido, take care of your erection quality, do not drink or smoke and try your best to avoid the activities and life style that induce arterial clogging and diabetes. If you have erectile problems, seek help from your doctor to help you with ED medications. Truly, what will you do with high libido if you do not have a healthy organ to fulfill your desires?